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Joe Concha Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Coverage of Trump’s Coronavirus Response: Trying to ‘Take Out a President’

Fox Business host Stuart Varney and The Hill media columnist Joe Concha teamed up on Wednesday to shred press coverage of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.

Varney started things off with a monologue calling out “the constant drumbeat of sniping, whining and open hostility” from outlets like MSNBC and the New York Times to Trump. He blamed such coverage on “personal contempt” for the president, and accused media of using “sarcastic, demeaning and personal insults” against the president.

When Concha, a Mediaite alum, beamed into the show, he cycled through polls and argued that while most Americans approve of how Trump has handled the pandemic, the media only gets a 45 percent approval rating for its coverage.

To clarify: the Monmouth poll Concha cited on the media’s coronavirus coverage puts approval at 45 percent, while disapproval is at 43 percent. Make of that what you will.

Concha continued from there:

“Given the stakes, and given how many people are tuning in because they’re at home, to be underwater — if you’re the media — is disgraceful. Just to put this in perspective again, 72 percent believe their governors are doing a good job, 65 percent believe health agencies are doing a good job, and there you have the media 20, 30 points lower. So the argument appears to be from the Chris Hayeses of the world or the Don Lemons on CNN is ‘Don’t air the briefings. Listen to us instead. Trust us. Don’t trust Dr. Fauci. Don’t trust Dr. Birx. Don’t trust the vice president leading the coronavirus task force, Surgeon General Adams or the president of the United States who gave some very grim expectations yesterday.’ To see CNN not air the beginning of that briefing when the president of the United States was on, when they scream about transparency, when they aired empty podiums of the president in 2016 waiting for President Trump to speak and aired almost every rally he had during that time because it was good for ratings is hypocritical, and quite frankly, it’s disgusting.”

When Varney asked Concha if he has any expectation that the media will “see the light” before the 2020 election, Concha doubted it, saying “the light they will see is to take out a president, an opportunity now, because the economy obviously is gonna go south.”

“They see this as a opportunity,” Concha said. “You do think there’s gonna be a change? It’s only gonna get worse Stuart, believe me.”

Varney and Concha’s ire for press coverage of the pandemic focused strictly on media that did not include themselves — they did not address how Trump (like Fox News) initially dismissed and downplayed the coronavirus before coming around to taking it more seriously. There was also no comment on how Trump has contradicted health officials while pushing misinformation on the virus in recent weeks.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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