Joe diGenova to Hannity: John Brennan Is the ‘Real Traitor’


On Wednesday, Joe diGenova, a former United States Attorney for Washington DC known for promoting FBI and DOJ conspiracy theories, said on Sean Hannity‘s show that former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta can “rot in hell.”

And that wasn’t all he said. He also called former CIA head John Brennan a traitor.

Hannity started the ball rolling by saying he thinks Brennan knew about the dossier.

“I look at a guy like Brennan, it happened on his watch, I think he probably knew all about the dossier. His involvement in this is going to be very interesting,” Hannity opined. “Do we really want to live in a country where the Senate leader on the Democratic side says you better not ever say anything bad about the Intel community?”

Then diGenova, seemingly prompted by Brennan calling Trump’s behavior at the Trump-Putin press conference “nothing short of treasonous,” said this:

“Sean, I want to talk about two people. We only have so much time — John Brennan and Leon Panetta. John Brennan is a traitor and I will tell you why. He is the real traitor. What he did and what he has had recently about the President of the United States is despicable. He is personally responsible for the leaking of unmasked information, he was responsible for the sharing of false information to U.S. intelligence sources to get FISA warrants. He is personally responsible for the sharing of false information with American intelligence agencies, and he––I challenge him to a debate at the National Press Club for one hour, two hours, three hours about his role in the entire pre-election. And about Leon Panetta. Leon Panetta should be ashamed of himself after what he did in Benghazi when he kissed Hillary Clinton’s fanny…now he says he thinks the Russians may have something on the president to compromise him? Shame on Leon Panetta, may he rot in hell.”

His rant prompted Hannity to respond with a “wow.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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