Joe Lockhart: ‘Provable’ Kavanaugh Was Lying About His Yearbook Quotes


Former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart is more or less accusing Brett Kavanaugh of perjuring himself during the testimony he gave last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

When Kavanaugh faced questions about the sexual misconduct allegations against himself, he was asked to explain several questionable comments pertaining to sex and drinking that he wrote down in his high-school yearbook. When Lockhart appeared on CNN for a Tuesday morning discussion about the battle for Kavanaugh’s public perception, he argued that the yearbook goes a long way in dispelling the idea of Kavanaugh’s honesty and immaculate conduct.

“We’re measuring his temperament and his honesty, and what we’re finding out is his temperament is not what we’re looking for in a Supreme Court justice and he is not honest. It sounds trivial that he lied about his yearbook, things in his yearbook, but it’s provable – that he knew what these phrases meant and he stood in front of the Senate under oath and said something that’s not the truth.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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