Joe Scarborough Brutally Mocks Sen. John Kennedy For Not Being a Real Southerner: ‘Bless His Heart’


Joe Scarborough ridiculed Senator John Kennedy Friday morning, questioning his Southern bona fides after the  Oxford (England) educated Louisianan Senator — who self-identified as a Democrat in 2004 — mocked DC insiders during a Trump rally held Thursday night in Bossert City, Louisiana Thursday night.

Kennedy hammed it up on stage and delivered one of the most memorable lines of the night, saying “I stand before you tonight as a proud deplorable. Unlike some of the folks in Washington, D.C., I’m talking about the cultured, Cosmopolitan, goat’s milk, latte-drinking, avocado toast eating elite.”

But Morning Joe producers dug up archived footage from 2004 in which Kennedy said “I am a Democrat. I endorse Senator Kerry,” the juxtaposition of the two clips undermined Kennedy’s proud claim of being a real and “proud deplorable.”

Scarborough, who was raised in Florida’s panhandle and studied at the University of Alabama, mocked Kennedy’s curious playing of his Southern culture card, noting that the Louisana Senator attended Oxford University.  He then turned to Elise Jordan, who is also from the South, and the two said: “bless his heart.” For those unfamiliar with Southern locutions, “bless his heart” is often used as a passive-aggressive insult delivered in the most cloying possible way.

Kennedy received a lot of attention — much of which was negative — for comments he made during last week’s Trump rally also held in Louisiana. Last week, Kennedy said of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “it must suck to be so dumb.”

Led by Scarborough, the set of Morning Joe took turns ostensibly pointing at laughing at Sen. Kennedy, who despite the ridicule, probably loved the attention he was receiving by an opinion show that consistently criticizes President Trump.

Morning Joe mocks Kennedy, who can the point to the Morning Joe mockery as bona fides for his Trump support.

So…everyone’s a winner? Woof.

Watch above via MSNBC.


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