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‘Fishing for White People’: Trump Reportedly Ordered Stephen Miller and Gordon Sondland to Fast-Track E.U. Immigrants

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President Donald Trump allegedly tasked Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland and advisers Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner with fast-tracking immigration from the E.U.– a proposal described by a diplomat as “fishing for white people.”

According to the Washington Post, citing “a person familiar with his views,” at the U.S. Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, “Sondland started talking to subordinates about a need for more skilled and wealthy European immigrants in the United States in an attempt to ease tensions with the European Union.”

“Many U.S. diplomats in the mission were unsettled by the idea, viewing it as racially motivated,” the Washington Post reported, adding, “It would have encompassed all E.U. countries.”

One unnamed diplomat described the proposal as “fishing for white people, while reducing opportunities for needier people to immigrate,” and claimed President Trump had given Sondland, and senior advisers Miller and Kushner,  the job of fast-tracking E.U. immigrants.

“The proposal languished and was eventually dropped,” the unnamed diplomat reportedly told the Washington Post. “Ambassador Sondland did not understand that the proposal was racially or ethnically motivated.”

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