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Joe Scarborough Disgusted By Trump’s ‘Sick’ Coronavirus Tweet: ‘Playing in His Political Sandbox’ While Virus Spreads

Joe Scarborough called out President Donald Trump’s Monday morning tweets about the coronavirus and politics surrounding the looming pandemic in a uniquely harsh manner.

Trump started the week by blaming “Fake News Media” for irresponsibly inflaming public hysteria in their coverage of the potential Coronavirus pandemic. The Trump administration and its media surrogates have been blaming Democrats for “weaponizing” the looming public health risk amidst non-stop media coverage of spiked cases of coronavirus in China, Italy, Iran, and possibly Washington state.

Early Monday morning Trump tweeted:

Trump followed by tweeting a clip of his Surgeon General praising the Commander in Chief telling CNN’s Jake Tapper he “sleeps less than I do and he’s healthier than what I am.”

Scarborough noted the tweet to Morning Joe viewers, before adding “that’s the president’s message to America from the Surgeon General. It’s sick, actually. Very sick. People are dying, and it’s sick. Sick that he is doing this.”

“The president is doing nothing but playing in his political sandbox while this virus continues to spread silently across America.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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