Joe Scarborough Pleads With Trump: Get National Testing Together Else Coronavirus Will Return in the Fall


Joe Scarborough basically pleaded for President Donald Trump to focus on producing a national testing system for the coronavirus, to prevent a second spike of the deadly contagion.

The Morning Joe co-host presumed that the president was watching on Monday morning, and given the reported White House cable news diet, that could very well be true.

“Mr. President, you can lie to your supporters about Bob Mueller. They’ll believe you because they don’t know who Bob Mueller is,” Scarborough opened this harangue. “You can lie about Ukraine. You know what? They’re trying to take care of their families.”

“They’re not going to believe you” on the coronavirus, he added, “when they see people they know dying in nursing homes. They see people they know dying in their community. They see nurses and doctors pushed to the wall here.”

Scarborough then cited a National Review podcast he mentioned earlier in the show that suggested the coronavirus is going to come back in the fall in some form. “Dr. Fauci said that,” Scarborough noted, “I haven’t talked to a medical expert who hasn’t said, ‘This is coming back in the fall.'”

“If you’re not ready in the fall during the flu season, it’ll be worse. Mr. President, you hear that? If you don’t work constantly to get national testing between now and the fall, Mr. President, it’s April 13th right now. I’m warning you, your doctors are warning you, your medical experts are warning you, the whole world is warning you, it could be worse in the fall.”

“You have to work every day to move towards national testing. That is our way out of this. This is how small business owners can get back to work. This is how we stop losing trillions of dollars.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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