Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones React To Hillary Clinton’s Claim They ‘Misremembered’ Assaults: That’s Ludicrous!


On Friday night, Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones appeared on Fox News to weigh in on the recent “reckoning” of Bill Clinton.

When asked by Laura Ingraham what she thought about Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand‘s recent remarks how the former president should have resigned,  Jones claimed it was “a little too late for that.”

“It makes you wonder if they truly mean what they say because us women didn’t get any help from those liberal women,” Jones said. “They ridiculed us. We were called all kind of names. We were not believed. And I hope that it’s true that they think that now. But I don’t know that I believe it.”

Broaddrick said this “great epiphany” should have occurred 20 years ago and that she doesn’t feel “ecstatic,” but “very disappointed.”

Ingraham then played a clip from a radio interview Hillary Clinton gave earlier when she said the following:

“Every situation has to be judged on its own merit. And there were allegations that were disproved… It’s unfortunate that people are either misremembering or misinterpreting history.”

This sparked quite a reaction from Jones and Broaddrick.

“I’m not misinterpreting- I’m not- no, no, no, no, no,” Jones reacted. “That is so ludicrous what she just said! I mean, seriously? I cannot believe that lady would say that. And nothing was misinterpreted. I know what happened to me in that room that day.”

“I agree with you, Paula,” Broaddrick said.

Jones urged the former First Lady to “talk to us women” if she believes the accusations aren’t true.

“She knew. She’s been enabling him for years,” Jones continued. “She’s been hiding this stuff for him for years. If you’re married to a man and you don’t know your husband is doing this, something is wrong. And you know, they claim to have such a wonderful marriage and she stood by her man but let me tell you, she knew what he was doing. And the only reason why they ever stayed together is because it was a political marriage.”

Broaddrick claimed that “no human being was protected more” than Clinton.

“And no human being was more harassed and ridiculed and trashed as Bill Clinton’s victims were,” Broaddrick stated.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News

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