Judge Napolitano Weighs In On George Zimmerman’s Hannity Interview: What Was His Lawyer Thinking?

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends Thursday to weigh in on Sean Hannity‘s exclusive interview with George Zimmerman, the volunteer watchman charged with shooting Florida teen Trayvon Martin. While Napolitano found Hannity’s questions to be “superb,” he ultimately thought it was a bad idea on the part of Zimmerman’s lawyer to allow his client to do an interview regarding the case.

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The Judge specifically pointed to a portion of the interview when Zimmerman and Hannity discussed whether Martin had been “running,” as Zimmerman had originally stated, or whether he was “skipping” or simply walking quickly. The speculation over whether the young man was “running or walking or skipping provides a field day for the prosecutors to explore,” said Napolitano. What essentially happened, he said, is that Zimmerman took the witness stand with Hannity acting as cross-examiner.

Host Gretchen Carlson asked whether comments from the interview — specifically Zimmerman telling Hannity that the events of that night were “God’s plan” and that he has “no regrets” — will factor into the case. Napolitano thought they could very well be used as statements in court.

Then there was the matter of Zimmerman smiling after telling Hannity he’d said “punks” on his 911 call from that night (and not “blacks,” as Napolitano said translators on “some other networks” had determined he had), with the show’s hosts wondering if he’d just been nervous.

Have a look at the segment, via Fox News:

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