Julie Brown Slams Netflix for Not Crediting Miami Herald’s Jeffrey Epstein Reporting in Docuseries


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Investigative reporter Julie Brown called out Netflix over the weekend for not giving her and the Miami Herald more recognition for their roles in breaking the Jeffrey Epstein story.

Late last month, Netflix released Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, a docuseries examining the disgraced financier’s wealth, influence, and years of sexually preying on young women. The series placed a spotlight on those who survived his abuse, the system he used to find new victims, and his eventual death as he awaited criminal trial in his New York jail cell.

Brown’s investigative reporting on Epstein, published in a series of reports for the Miami Herald, blew the lid off the underaged sex ring run by the well-connected financier. Her reporting also highlighted the lenient plea deal Epstein received years ago from Alex Acosta, and it had other ripple effects that eventually culminated with Epstein’s shocking arrest.

On Sunday, Brown tagged Netflix as she responded to a Twitter user complaining that she does not get enough public credit for her work. Brown said “I don’t care” if she or her colleague, Emily Michot, receive credit for their work, but “What I DO care about is the fact that the Miami Herald and countless other struggling local papers around the country take the RISK of doing these stories and break new ground — only to watch Netflix take our work and give us two sniffs in a four-hour documentary.”

“This is about newspapers — and local journalism. It would have been no skin off their back to credit the Herald — none. Btw, our company Mcclatchy is in bankruptcy,” Brown said. “They used five of our photographs and didn’t even credit the Herald for them. I’m glad it’s a success because this travesty needs to be exposed, but the other part of this story is about a struggling local newspaper who did what ABC, and countless other “big boys” didn’t do.”

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