Kasich Grapples With MSNBC Panel Over Tillerson Firing: ‘Get a Reality Check. Things Are Changing’


John Kasich was not pleased with the news about Rex Tillerson‘s firing, but he participated in a rousing MSNBC panel today where he argued against the idea that the development will be a new source of political disarray.

Kasich said that, generally speaking, there is too much “confusion” and “chaos” inside the White House for his taste. But Tillerson’s ouster isn’t really a development worth freaking out over, since Trump and the secretary of state clearly haven’t been in sync.

“If you’re not going to be on the same page for a period of time, then you ought to leave,” Kasich said. “So maybe if I were Tillerson, I would have said, ‘Look I tried to do my job, but I’m going to leave.’ I kind of wondered, with all the back and forth and all the problems they had between themselves, why Tillerson didn’t leave.”

Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien insisted that Tillerson’s firing had something to do with his divergence from the Trump Administration about Russia’s alleged involvement in the poisoning of a spy in the U.K. O’Brien also argued that Trump showed “a lack of courage in leadership” by not speaking to Tillerson ahead of his announcement, and the president can’t manage the government very well when there’s so much dysfunction around him.

O’Brien and Kasich found themselves in a disagreement, the latter saying that Trump rejected Tillerson’s traditionalist approach and operates according to his own playbook. Former Senator Robert Torricelli and Stephanie Ruhle had some questions about all of that as well — though Kasich stuck with his argument that the world is going through a major shift for a lot of different reasons, all of which need to be recognized.

“I was in the Congress when Bernie Sanders wasn’t taken seriously, so get a reality check. Things are changing unbelievable in the world. Look at what’s happening in Germany with the elections. Look at what’s happening in Austria, Hungary. This is extremely concerning – what is happening all over the world: the disruptions, the unconventional nature. In terms of what happened with London, of course we should have severely condemned it, the sanction have to be put in place, all those kinds of things. I’m just saying you have to look at what’s causing it. Everything is not Russia, he just thinks differently.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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