Katy Tur Brutally Grills Trump Adviser Over Biden Claims: ‘Why is Ivanka Getting Copyrights in China?’


MSNBC’s Katy Tur pointed out the hypocrisy inherent in President Donald Trump’s call to investigate Joe Biden’s family, noting all of Trump’s children are currently involved in overseas business themselves.

Tur was speaking with Trump adviser Marc Lotter about Trump trying to get Ukraine to re-open an investigation into Hunter Biden.

“Do you take the position that a person who works in the White House in a high level position should have no family members have any foreign dealings? Is that your position?” Tur asked.

Lotter agreed, saying “it’s fairly clear that a government official cannot be connected to activities where their family or they may personally profit.”

Tur then laid out the various and ongoing business deals involving Trump’s children Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and even Ivanka Trump–who currently works in the White House.

“What about the copyrights that Ivanka has in China?” Tur asked. “The president is negotiating with China right now over tariffs in a trade war. Why is Ivanka getting copyrights in China?”

Lotter insisted Ivanka was not personally profiting from her deals in China.

“I remember when Donald Trump took office, he said no new foreign deals,” Tur said after pointing out Eric and Don Jr. were both involved in ongoing business in Indonesia and Scotland.

“I remember when Donald Trump took office, he said no new foreign deals,” Tur said.

Lotter tried to say that was an issue to take up with the Trump Organization.

“So it was your position a moment ago that the family members shouldn’t be involved when their other family members are in the White House and they have influence in a foreign country and they’re doing negotiations, but it’s OK if Ivanka has copyrights with China, it’s OK Trump’s sons and businesses are getting deals and approval in Scotland while Donald Trump is president and it’s OK for them to continue doing business in a place like Indonesia or anywhere else around the world while Donald Trump is president. He’s negotiating. He’s doing business. He’s negotiating deals, foreign policy, et cetera, around the world right now. It’s OK for them to do it but you’re saying it should be investigated when Donald Trump’s chief political rival may or may not have done it in the past?” Tur asked.

“I’m not aware of there being any ethical questions in terms of whether the president or the administration put undue influence on any of the business dealings,” Lotter said.

“There’s no evidence of that from Biden also. Should we be doing an investigation into the president and his children?” Tur asked.

Lotter demurred and again said she should talk to the Trump Organization.

Near the end of the interview, Tur then raised issues with Trump’s insistence that he was only interested in investigating corruption by asking Ukraine to investigate political rivals.

“Why the only two things that he mentions in corruption, why are the only two things when he’s talking about corruption are the things that personally benefit himself? Is that the only corruption he believes exists in Ukraine?” Tur asked.

“The anti-corruption campaign benefits us all,” Lotter said, again not answering directly.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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