Katy Tur Lists Examples of Trump’s Alleged Racism in Scaramucci Grilling: ‘I Can Keep Going’


Anthony Scaramucci, who has turned 11 days of White House work into a recurring gig on television, appeared with Katy Tur this afternoon on MSNBC to discuss, of course, President Donald Trump and that infamous “shithole countries” remark.

The pair started by discussing the president’s immigration agenda, with Scaramucci reiterating the notion of a “merit-based” system which would, in his words, give preference to “people who want to work.”

“How do people from Norway have more merit?” Tur asked, referencing Trump’s alleged request to immigrate Norwegians as opposed to Haitians or El Salvadorans.

Scaramucci dodged the specific question, diving headfirst into the “blame the leakers” argument, which has become so prevalent since these reports began surfacing.

“Let’s stipulate for this conversation that he said it,” Scaramucci replied. “If you are in a private conversation in the White House with a group of people and you are trying to get a deal done and you are prone to New York style rhetorical flourishes, which unfortunately I also happen to be prone to, why do that to the guy?”

Scaramucci also said he was not going to “interpret what he meant” with the Norway comment because he does not “understand his mind entirely,” going on to suggest that Europe has other races besides white, therefore suggesting Trump’s comments may not have been race-based.

“There’s a lot of skin melanin produced in Europe that’s not necessarily white,” he said.

Tur then intensely grilled the Mooch on each instance of Trump’s alleged racism, beginning with the “Mexico is sending rapists” line that was delivered when he announced his candidacy for president.

“I can keep going,” she told Scaramucci. “I can keep going. That’s the point.”

“The only one I’ll give you on that whole list is the Charlottesville one,” Scaramucci replied, referring to Trump’s comments on the white supremacist rally from last summer. “I don’t think you can equivocate on Nazis.”

“You guys are tightening up around a couple of words he said,” Scaramucci added, suggesting that MSNBC “does not like the president.”

“Don’t make a sweeping generalization about MSNBC,” Tur responded.

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