Katy Tur Tries to Make Sense of Giuliani’s Latest Media Debacle: ‘What’s He Doing?’


So Rudy Giuliani‘s having a day.

In the span of a few hours he randomly brought up this idea of a second meeting that Trump wasn’t in but also the meeting never happened and there were specific people who were or were not at this hypothetical meeting and…

Okay, look, even Fox News is confused.

Katy Tur and her MTP Daily panel tried to make sense of Giuliani’s media clusterf*ck today.

Susan Del Percio said that if Giuliani is doing this, “they have a reason to be afraid” and are trying to muddy the waters.

Tur compared today’s weirdness of denying things that no one was bringing up to asking someone “Do you like hamburgers?” and them responding “I didn’t rob the bank!”

“I would say ‘Oh my God, did you rob a bank?'” Tur noted.

Zerlina Maxwell noted the shifting narrative here and the clear push for a PR win.

Politico’s Jake Sherman asked if this is supposed to be a strategy “or this is just Rudy Giuliani speaking.”

“Rudy Giuliani is acting a bit like a squirming coil,” Tur said. “He’s just going all over the place. He is saying Donald Trump didn’t hack the DNC. Well, no one ever claimed that he hacked the DNC. He’s also saying that Donald Trump didn’t attend the meeting with Russians.”

And on top of ALL THAT, Giuliani let the phrase “the Russia transaction” slip this morning. Tur bewilderedly asked, “What Russia transaction? Is there a transaction?!”

She raised the question of what Congress is going to have to do here with all these contradictions and questions about who’s been lying.

As for this confusion about a second meeting that Giuliani himself disclosed and then walked back, Tur said, “He says there’s a real meeting on CNN and then a couple of hours later, four hours later, he says that meeting never took place. Is Rudy Giuliani, um––what’s he doing? Is he actually acting as the president’s lawyer here or what is going on? Did somebody get to him and say, ‘Oh, wait, no, no, no, you misspoke’ or ‘We’re not telling anyone about that yet’?”

She even asked, “If people are confused, is Giuliani winning?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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