Lara Logan Says ‘Bioweapons Specialists’ Told Her Migrant Surge Is a Way To Launch a ‘Virus Attack in Your Own Country’


Fox host Lara Logan on Tuesday cited unnamed “bioweapons specialists and intel agents” who told her allowing migrants into the country is a “typical” way to launch a “virus attack” on your own country.

The number of migrants seeking entry has surged this year, outpacing the government’s ability to process and/or deport people in a safe and timely fashion. Migrants who are allowed into the U.S. do not receive a Covid test, nor do they receive a Covid vaccine in the event that they are unvaccinated. Currently, there are at least 10,000 Haitian migrants camped out at the border hoping to enter the U.S. However, the Biden administration is sending them back to Haiti.

Appearing on The Story with Martha MacCallum, Logan suggested the border surge could be a “virus bomb” set to detonate in the form of thousands of migrants who may be bringing Covid into the U.S.:

They also know that those people are dispersing now. They know that there are hundreds and hundreds of Haitians who have run away from under the Del Rio bridge, right? And have just disappeared into the countryside. They know also that everywhere that there’s been a mass migration of illegal immigrants, there’s been a spike in Covid cases in this country. And you know, bioweapons specialists and intel agents tell me that that’s typical of how you disperse a virus if you were doing something like a virus bomb or a virus attack in your own country or on another country.

She added, “So those are questions that we don’t even get a chance to ask.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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