Lara Trump Insists Trump ‘Will Get Four More Years’ as Fox News Anchor Points Out That Ship Has Sailed

Lara Trump baselessly claimed on Fox News Monday that President Donald Trump will serve another four years in office, as Martha MacCallum pointed out it is almost certainly too late for that.

As MacCallum discussed Georgia with Trump, she asked about the concern that Republicans who support Trump could stay home because of the distrust in the system being ginned up by the president and his allies.

MacCallum mentioned the president’s “legacy,” to which Trump actually responded, “I still think that the president will get four more years in office. I think it will be the next four years. Because this thing is far from over.”

Case after case from the Trump legal team has been rejected by judge after judge, and even some notable allies of the president have been publicly acknowledging the fact that it’s over.

Also, crucially, states are certifying their results, which MacCallum made a point of highlighting.

“You heard Geraldo moments ago say it’s time to accept the outcome of this. What are you seeing or hearing out there that he is not?” MacCallum asked.

Trump dismissively said the certifications are just “procedural steps” and insisted they have “plenty of time” before the final national results are certified.

She absurdly claimed that the president “legitimately won this election” and that they believe “the result in Georgia is going to change.”

As for all those legal setbacks, Trump said, “We had some rulings, some judges that quite frankly to be honest, I do not think were on our side. Did not, for whatever reason, like this president.”

A judge appointed by Trump rejected the campaign’s case in Pennsylvania just last week.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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