Larry Kudlow Acknowledges ‘Increase’ In Coronavirus Cases, But Says ‘We’re Not Talking About a Second Round Here’


White House National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow painted a rosy picture of America’s prospects on Sunday while dismissing the possibility that the country could see a resurgence of the coronavirus.

Kudlow, who claimed the disease was “contained” in February, joined CNN’s Jake Tapper to argue that the country will be able to recover from the pandemic’s financial devastation. This drew pushback from the CNN host, who asked if the White House was concerned about the possibility that a retraction of social distancing guidelines could lead to another outbreak and, therefore, more pain for the economy.

“Yes, it is a concern,” Kudlow answered. “And I will repeat, I think your view is right on this. People must observe the safety guidelines. The social distancing must be observed. Face coverings in key places must be observed.”

Kudlow went on by noting that there have been increased coronavirus case numbers in multiple areas around the country, and that led to Tapper saying “I’m glad to see you calling for people to wear masks. I assume that that also means at the rally in Tulsa, people should be wearing masks at the Trump rally in Tulsa this Saturday.”

“Well, okay. Probably so,” Kudlow answered with visible hesitation. “I want to also say, though, that hospitalizations may be going up, but that’s because elective procedures are now permitted. And maybe most importantly, Jake, although the case rate has increased a bit, we’re not talking about a second round here.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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