Las Vegas Concert Performer Kaya Jones Defends Second Amendment After Mass Shooting

Rorschach test is the psychological test in which a subject is shown ink blobs and asked to explain what they see. And a mass shooting like the one we saw last night at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas that led to 50 casualties and over 400 injuries is something of a Rorschach test on gun rights/control.

Among the many political issues that divide the United States right now, the right to bear arms, or the Second Amendment, is among the most passionate debates.  So we shouldn’t be surprised that people who feel passionately about this issue — especially those who were in attendance at this mass shooting — would speak out about it. Take for example performer Kaya Jones who took this position during an interview on Fox & Friends this morning.

In a remarkably sober, measured and apolitical episode of Fox & Friends this morning, Ms. Jones was interviewed via phone call. When asked how surviving this awful event would effect her life, Ms. Jones was notably broad-minded and compared this experience to her playing concerts in Iraq under the threat of rocket attacks.  She then added “You know, but what definitely, what it makes me do is just want to, you know carry conceal. So our Second Amendment right is enforced in my mind for me. This is not going to stop me living my life or, you know, being a proud American, a proud performer, no way.”

Proponents of gun control may see this as an overly political comment too soon to make while the death toll appears to still be rising. But given the trauma that she witnessed first hand — and the core conservative beliefs that she openly speaks on and promotes on stage — her reaction is certainly understandable. Again, this sort of tragedy seems to only harden the opposing positions on the Second Amendment debate. And we are almost certain to hear the opposing side to it soon.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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