Laura Ingraham Accuses Some Media Figures of ‘Taking Sides With Anarchists’: ‘Willing to Have the Country Burn’ Over Trump Hatred


During her monologue tonight blasting the riots in cities across the country, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said some people in the media are siding with anarchists all because of their Trump hatred.

She said that the rioters clearly don’t care about George Floyd but are instead “using and abusing his memory to create more suffering and more chaos.”

“Why is there so much hate? The American people and law enforcement officers are overwhelmingly good people,” she asked, before answering her own question:

“The genesis of this seething hatred began decades ago at our universities and it spread like a contagion into all levels of learning. Radical professors attacking the ideals of western civilization and it’s only gotten worse… Hateful, anti-American poison is also spewed in some of our churches as well. Who can forget Obama’s pal, Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s US of KKK rant? But ultimately this all comes from us, the people. How are we parenting our kids? Are we teaching them to love and respect everyone no matter what race, no matter what ethnicity? Are fathers on the scene at all. Are we teaching our children to love or hate America? Are we teaching them basic right from wrong? Don’t take anything that’s not yours, even a penny? When we don’t teach the light of god’s love, we risk that our children and our country gets sucked into the darkness eventually. That’s what you’re seeing play out tonight.”

She hit leaders in blue state for not “contain[ing] the madness” before getting around to the media.

“Some media figures, by the way, have aided and abetted the chaos. Portraying those driving the lawlessness as somehow justified in smashing, grabbing, pushing, beating, destroying, and yes, ultimately killing, they hoped, the spirit of this country,” Ingraham said.

“These news anchors, if that’s what you want to call them, they’re taking sides with anarchists. That’s how much they hate President Trump and ultimately the old normal as they seek to replace it with I don’t know what, some type of new normal that’s going to be great, peachy keen?” she continued. “They’re willing to have the country burn out of their obsession with removing Trump from office. That’s not going to happen.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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