Laura Ingraham: Democrats Want Illegal Immigration to ‘Replace White Conservatives’


In response to undocumented immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate being acquitted for his role in the highly-publicized shooting of Kate Steinle, Fox News host Laura Ingraham claimed Democrats are okay with killings like this and other crimes if it ultimately leads to a racial “demographic changes” that favor the liberal agenda.

Ingraham made the following comments while appearing on the weekend show Watters World:

“[Democrats] want to replace the current electorate in the United States with a new electorate — and that new electorate… will create a California, a Florida, a Texas that looks like Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. I think the Democrats want the replace the old, white conservatives with a new group of people who might be more amenable to big government and don’t necessarily have a big affection for the Second Amendment or the Constitution, and a lot of Republicans who want to secure the border.”

She went on to say that Democrats being okay with “innocent” Americans dying is similar to feminists saying they are okay with innocent men being accused of sexual harassment if it leads to societal change on the issue.

“It’s kind of like on the sexual harassment stuff women saying they are innocent and they have to go through hell, it’s worth it. They are more afraid of conservative traditional Christian Americans than they are of ISIS, drug traffickers,” she said. “They can talk about women, but the woman who doesn’t have any reproductive rights and that’s Kate Steinle.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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