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Laura Ingraham Presses DHS Sec on ‘Hodgepodge’ Airport Screenings: ‘What’s Going On There?’

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf joined Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham in an interview Monday night preaching calm and touting that the average wait time at national intake airports is 27 minutes amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Later in the segment, Wolf was railroaded by the Ingraham over not taking stricter action against undocumented people entering the country via the northern and southern borders.

Ingraham told him, “As my friend said, coming back from Istanbul, he didn’t get pressed with questions about his temperature or where he had been. It was very hodgepodge, the screening as he was entering back into the U.S. and going through customs.”

So what’s going on there with the screening and the temperature taking? Or, is it not being taken?” Ingraham asked Wolf. 

“Last Friday night, we began travel restrictions from Europe. So, what you saw in airports on Saturday was the first day in dealing with it. It was three times as much traffic from Europe as we saw from China, so we had to adjust our operations, which we did,” Wolf stated. 

“Just yesterday [Sunday] we had an average wait time at funneling airports of about 27 minutes,” Wolf stated, adding that they have seen “lots of improvement” comparing Saturday to Sunday.

“The president has decided to input those from China, Iran, Europe, U.K. and Ireland coming up at midnight today. We will continue to look at other countries that we need to impose the travel restrictions — to look at that enhanced medical screening,” Wolf riffed before being interpreted by the host. 

Ingraham then fired back with a question regarding why stricter limits weren’t implemented at the airports.

“But given that, why wasn’t there any, it’s obvious there was going to be a big crush at the airport. Why wouldn’t people be 6 feet apart or limit people’s entrance to the airport, so they are not all crowded together, perhaps spreading the virus?” 

Wolf dismissed the worries stating that there was one concern at Chicago’s O’Hara airport, which was ironed out within a few hours, while the other 12 airports saw minimal wait times. 

“We are looking at a variety of technologies. We have a large population in volume coming in,” Wolf added in response to Ingraham’s question regarding advanced technologies to detect temperatures.  

Ingraham then turned to question why the agency Wolf oversees isn’t being stricter when it comes to limiting and immediately sending back undocumented people who attempt to cross the border.

“The report about what’s happening at the southern border, you have stopped a surprising number of Chinese trying to come into the country and people still getting into the United States, trying to claim asylum.”

Ingraham asked, “What can you tell us just about the border and barring the Chinese from entering the country?”

The acting DHS secretary said, “Whether it is the southern border or northern border, it’s a real concern on how we impose travel restrictions. What I can tell you is any given week we have between 7,000 and 9,000 folks that are illegally entering our country.”

“These are individuals that have no medical history, no travel history. Often don’t arrive with any identity documents. It’s a real concern. They come in traveling in poor conditions. Perhaps in tractor-trailers from stash houses,” Wolf stated. 

Ingraham then moved to interrupt, then confront the secretary over not taking more immediate action.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but we are almost out of time. Are they being immediately sent out of the country? We are in a national state of emergency,” Ingraham floated. 

Ingraham continued, “The Democrats are always saying they should stay here and be processed in these detention centers, that I’ve been to. Don’t they need to be sent immediately out of the country in the state of emergency so we don’t have more problems in our health care system?”

The Fox News host was bewildered with Wolf’s response that DHS is “taking a look at that,” firing back, “It should have been done the first minute that the national security was declared.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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