Laura Ingraham: Trump Appointing Mattis Was a ‘Mistake’ When He Clearly Didn’t Share POTUS’ Outlook


Former Defense Secretary James Mattis is speaking out after his high-profile departure from the Trump administration, with a book book Call Sign Chaos. He made it clear he will not “speak ill of a sitting president,” but he described President Donald Trump as an “unusual president” and there are a few veiled criticisms in his book.

Laura Ingraham Friday night brought up one excerpt in which Mattis says, “When my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign.”

She asked her panel, “What’s Mattis really trying to do here other than sell his book?”

Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor said Mattis is trying to paint himself as a heroic figure, but called that t “tough sell” because “For two years while he was in the administration, he did everything he could to subvert the president.”

Ret. Lt. Col. Daniel Davis called Mattis “the absolute embodiment of establishment Washington” and said, “[He] didn’t want to change anything from this neocon status quo, which undercut President Trump.”

Ingraham had said back in November 2016 that Mattis would be “the best candidate for SecDef.” By the time Mattis left the Trump administration, she remarked that his resignation letter was “unnecessarily petty.”

Tonight Ingraham said appointing Mattis in the first place was a “mistake,” adding, “Trump should not have appointed someone who disagreed with his fundamental non-interventionist outlook.”

She also remarked that it looks like Mattis is “stabbing the president in the back” in his “non-tell-all tell-all.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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