Lindsey Graham: Trump Pulling Out of Syria ‘Would Be the Single Worst Decision’ He Could Make


In a speech supposedly about infrastructure last week, President Donald Trump dropped a surprise announcement when he said that the United States would be withdrawing completely from Syria. “Let the other people take care of it now,” Trump declared, further noting that ISIS had essentially been destroyed.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday this morning, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned Trump that this would be a big mistake, claiming ISIS would make its way back if the United States pulled troops from the region.

“Is President Trump making a mistake talking about getting out of Syria while ISIS is still alive, obviously diminished but still in the field, and while Iran is still pushing and some could say helping the Assad regime won the civil war?” Chris Wallace asked Graham.

“This is the Obama playbook,” Graham stated. “One foot in, One foot out. This is a disaster in the making. All of his military advisors have said we need to leave troops in Syria to work with them, calm down the conflict between Turkey and the Kurdish fighters who have helped make sure that it does not fall back into the hands of ISIS.”

The South Carolina lawmaker said that there are still over 3,000 ISIS fighters roaming Syria while adding that a withdraw of troops would eventually lead to Russia and Iran dominating the region.

“It would be the single worst decision the president could make,” Graham declared. “I’ve seen this movie before when Obama did the same thing in Iraq and quite frankly gave Assad a pass in Syria when he had them on the ropes. Got ISIS on the ropes, you don’t want to let them off the ropes, remove American soldiers.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox.

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