Lindsey Graham Vehemently Denies GA Sec of State’s Claim He Asked to Throw Out Ballots: ‘I Can’t Explain This Guy’


Senator Lindsey Graham once again denied Ben Raffensperger’s claim that he tried to pressure him into throwing out legal ballots in the midst of Georgia’s 2020 election recount.

In a Thursday interview with Fox & Friends, Graham brought up his recent call with Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, and he insisted the conversation was about “how do you verify a mail-in ballot signature.”

“We never talked about him throwing out ballots,” Graham continued. “We talked about how would you challenge the signature in Georgia?”

Ever since their conversation about Georgia’s signature-matching law, Raffensperger accused Graham of suggesting that he use his power to exclude all legally-casted mail-in ballots from counties with an above-average number of non-matching signatures. Brian Kilmeade brought this up in response to Graham, to which, the senator said “I can’t explain this guy.”

“I can’t explain what makes him tick,” he went on. “I never suggested that he do anything.”

Graham continued by pushing his voter fraud suspicions in Georgia while producing no solid evidence to back it up. The closest he came was claiming Raffensperger got “conned” into agreeing to a consent decree that supposedly makes it harder to verify a voter’s signature, even though it does nothing to prevent election clerks from conducting examinations.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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