Lou Dobbs Blasts FBI Over Investigation of Biden Bus Incident: ‘Nonsense… Really Asinine’


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs went after the FBI Monday for investigating a now-viral incident in Texas involving several Trump supporters in vehicles swarming a Joe Biden bus.

He opened the segment reporting on the investigation as “more political corruption and/or ineptitude from the FBI.”

“The Biden campaign accused the convoy of trying to run that little, tiny bus off the road,” Dobbs mockingly said. “Today police in San Marcos, Texas, said the online footage made it appear that a white SUV was the at-fault vehicle, and the victim was, in fact, a pro-trump truck. That according to police authorities. The at-fault white SUV, a staff vehicle for the Biden/Harris campaign. But the FBI was is so interested in this case, but almost nothing about, well, scandals, Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, you know.”

He spoke with Devin Nunes and asked him about “this nonsense,” saying, “This is really asinine. They’re becoming something altogether new.”

Nunes agreed and said, “What law would they possibly be breaking? I watched the footage. Unless there’s something unit see, but I never saw the bus go off the road, and last time I checked it’s okay to drive your pickup truck with a big flag out the side of it or in the back of it. That’s not illegal.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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