Bill Maher: ‘Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides’


Bill Maher criticized bipartisanship, saying how sometimes the far left and the far right “come together to make a problem worse.”

He went after how both sides tackle obesity. with liberals crying about “fat-shaming” whenever someone mentions weight and conservatives call guidelines to eating healthier “social engineering.”

The Real Time host pivoted the conversation to the time when then-White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon joked about the reason why the then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer wasn’t on camera as much was because he “got fatter.”

“Okay, not the greatest joke ever but a joke,” Maher reacted. “Not to Chelsea Clinton it wasn’t.”

He mocked the Former First Daughter for accusing Bannon of “fat-shaming.”

“Oh Christ, even her mom knew when to fake a laugh,” he quipped.

Maher then insisted that “pretending everyone is beautiful” isn’t helping them but rather “enabling them.”

“It gets worse,” he continued. “Not only are left and right united on what goes in your mouth, they’ve also declared open season on the words that come out of it. Free speech is under attack from both sides.”

He pointed to President Trump calling the media “fake news” so often “it’s like he has totalitarian Tourettes” and that he wants to change libel laws “so he can go after people who insult him.”

Maher then turned to the left’s “anti-free speech brigade” he calls “college,” where the “most popular major these days is outrage with a minor in canceling speaking engagements.”

“Berkeley was the home of the free speech movement, now it’s enforcing speaking bans,” Maher continued. “That’s like the Catholic Church enforcing an age of consent!”

He concluded that the next time there’s a call for bipartisanship, he urged his viewers to remember that “when people come together across the aisle, we can f**k up anything.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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