Major Democratic Donor Tom Steyer Starts Campaign Calling for Trump Impeachment

Billionaire Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer has launched a campaign calling for President Trump‘s impeachment.

Steyer posted an ad on Twitter on Friday saying “it’s time to begin impeachment proceedings”:

His website features a letter making the case for impeachment and saying elected officials need to publicly state their position on this issue:

Given Trump’s total lack of fitness for office, the question of impeachment becomes a very real issue should we succeed in our midterm goal. That makes it imperative for every Governor of every state, and every mayor of every city, to acknowledge where they stand. This question affects the lives of every single American. They deserve to hear whether or not our party is willing to do what is necessary to protect them and their families. This is not an academic exercise. The very stability of the Republic is at stake.

So, by way of this letter, I am asking you today to make public your position on the impeachment of Donald Trump, and to urge your federal representatives to remove him from office at once. Every day he remains in reach of the nuclear codes is another day for him to menace the citizens you serve and protect. Your constituents deserve to know they are represented by people in every level of government who have the patriotism and political courage to stand up and take action when it is so desperately needed. This is not a time to give in to an establishment that insists on acting the way the establishment always does, with “patience” or “caution.” It is an unprecedented moment, and it calls for extraordinary measures. We cannot remain fixated on what is politically smart. We have to do what is morally right.

According to CNN, Steyer’s spending over $10 million on this effort.

Steyer appeared on CNN this afternoon and Fredricka Whitfield asked him why he thinks this is “money well spent.”

Steyer said that a lot of people in both parties know Trump is “a clear and present danger to their health and safety.”

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