Man on Fox & Friends Says Dems Want to Cause ‘Anarchy and Create Another Civil War’


Recent viewers of Fox News may have noticed a sharp increase in coverage of what is described as a violent threat presented to a right-of-center audience by the threat of roving mobs of angry leftists.

In a column published yesterday, I argued that the constant hyperbolic threat of angry liberals was irresponsible fear-mongering, to which at least one on-air talent dismissed as “hogwash.

Cut to Fox & Friends field piece in which correspondent Todd Piro interviews “real Americans” at a local diner, almost all of which are asked leading questions to which they parrot the most recent talking points on President Trump’s favorite television program.

Today’s bit featured a Trump T-shirt clad named David who Piro prompted “you say Democrats fight on a battlefield of hatred” before asking why he says that.

David’s response most certainly delighted conservative producers when he said that Democrats “want to drag us down through the mud to the brink of anarchy and create another civil war in their quest for total domination, which is the credo for socialism.”

There it is! Random dude in an Erie, Pennsylvania diner that claims the Democrats want another civil war. And that rather seditious allegation went completely unchecked by Mr. Piro.

Credit to Fox News new fearmongering strategy: However reprehensible and irresponsible it may be to scare the shit out of your viewers, it appears to be working.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.



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