Manchin Stands by Opposition to Killing Filibuster But Says It Should Be ‘Painful’ to Use


Senator Joe Manchin (D- WV) made it clear on several Sunday shows he is not backing down from his opposition to killing the filibuster, but he did add that maybe it should be a little more “painful” to use.

On Fox News Sunday, Manchin told Chris Wallace, “We need to find a way to work together. That’s all I’m trying to do.”

Manchin’s opposition to killing the filibuster has gotten him criticism from some Democrats and progressive activists, but he stood by his position to Wallace and argued he doesn’t want to “destroy the Senate.”

Wallace asked Manchin if he would consider filibuster reform, like “extending exemptions” on certain items or even “going back to the old filibuster” where you have to actually stay on the Senate floor and talk.

“The filibuster should be painful, it really should be painful and we’ve made it more comfortable over the years,” Manchin responded. “Maybe it has to be more painful, maybe you have to stand there.”

But he again defended the overall filibuster and said he believes the rights of the minority in the Senate should be protected.

Wallace asked again if he would consider “making it harder to invoke the filibuster.”

“I’d make it harder to get rid of the filibuster. I’m supporting the filibuster,” Manchin said. “I think it defines who we are as a Senate. I’ll make it harder to get rid of it, but it should be painful if you want to use it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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