comScore Coronavirus Survivor Shares Fight With COVID-19: ‘Take It Seriously’

Young, Healthy, Marathon-Running Mom of Three Describes Horrific Coronavirus Ordeal: ‘It Was Terrifying…It Just Kept Getting Worse’

New Day with Alisyn Camerota Monday morning featured a mom and marathoner Heather Bauer who lived through a harrowing fight with the coronavirus and shared her thoughts about potentially dying while fighting COVID-19 in an intensive care ward at Yale Hospital.

“Your story is incredible and you look great but I know that belies what you just lived through,” Camerota stated.

Bauer replied, “Right, so it started with a fever, and I thought, maybe I’m getting the flu, even though I had a flu shot, and you know, I didn’t know that anybody else of the people I had been with were not feeling well, so I thought maybe I had the flu. I took some Advil, and the fever went away because, for the first few days when you get sick, the fever tends to come at night and in the morning it goes away, and then in the morning it was gone and the fever came back…”

Bauer stated the feeling of sickness did not go away – while then describing an incredibly painful shallowness of breath that followed the rising temperature.

“And those pictures of you look horrible. I mean, frankly, you look so sick. Were there moments where you wondered if you would survive this?” Camerota asked.

“Yes, it kept getting worse. To be vomiting in your bed in a pan is a horrible feeling. I had migraines. You lose your taste. You lose your smell….they were concerned about me developing meningitis,” Bauer continued.

“It was terrifying.”

“And you just don’t know if you’re going to be that person. I’m 42, I’m a nutritionist. I’ve dedicated my entire life to being healthy. I’ve run 15 marathons. And, I was thinking I’m going to be that one. I’m going to be the one that this is taking down,” she said. “Every area of my body, this disease had taken over. And it wasn’t getting better.”

Bauer told Camerota that she was part of an experimental drug trial, with hydroxychloroquine, through Yale.

“Do you think that that changed the course of your recovery?” asked Camerota.

“I do,” answered Bauer.

The young mom then offered the following advice to everyone out there who has not been infected with the coronavirus: “Take it seriously. Take it seriously. Stay home. Isolate.”

Watch the full interview above, via CNN.

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