McCabe Says Mueller Gave Road Map For Prosecutors and Congress: He Provided ‘Avalanche of Facts’ on Obstruction


Andrew McCabe, the former deputy and acting director of the FBI, appeared on MSNBC Thursday night to react to the release of the Mueller report with Rachel Maddow, and said the special counsel left the door open to further prosecution of the president.

Mueller’s team declined to draw a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice, but outlined the evidence nonetheless, and made clear that the report did not exonerate the president.

“I see this essentially as a road map for prosecutors, after the president has left office or for the Judiciary Committee while the president is still in office, to essentially pursue those charges in a trial after he’s no longer president or an impeachment proceedings,” Maddow said. “Is that how you read it?”

“That’s absolutely how I read it,” McCabe said. He added that he worked with Mueller for years, and believes the former FBI director would not have gone against Justice Department policy to indict a sitting president.

“What Director Mueller has done here, is he’s provided an avalanche of facts that clearly indicate obstructive activity on the part of the president,” McCabe said. “He calls it out plainly in ten different sections in that Volume II of the report.”

“He lays out why he believes in many of those cases the intent is present, why he believes the nexus to the contemplated or ongoing matter is present,” he continues. “So the analysis is extraordinary. The scope is incredibly damning for the president.”

McCabe added that he thinks the Mueller report is nonetheless fair: “He very much gives the president the benefit of the doubt.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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