Meghan McCain and View Co-Hosts Fight Over AOC and ICE: ‘Please Stop That’


On The View‘s first segment Wednesday, the topic of course was the Oval Office address from President Trump about the border. Co-host Meghan McCain brought up the response by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday night’s Rachel Maddow Show, which McCain said was more “concise” than the one delivered by Democrat leaders during the primetime broadcast.

The full segment is available below. In the clip above, McCain and co-host Joy Behar got into an intense back and forth about whether or not Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez understand or care about American security, and whether or not Trump understands or cares about the humanitarian crisis taking place along the southern border.

McCain began the heated portion of the segment noting a tweeted comment from Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro and then relating it to Ocasio-Cortez’s interview with Rachel Maddow.

“So the crisis at the border, according to Morning Consult political poll conducted January 4th through 6th, found 79% of all voters in the country think that there is a crisis or problem with illegal immigration on the southern border,” she said. “Ben Shapiro had the best tweet, I think. All Democrats have to do is not be crazy to win 2020, because we have so much crazy right now.”

Checking Shapiro’s Twitter, I believe McCain was actually referencing this, which Shapiro retweeted.

In any case, on that topic of crazy, McCain continued. “When I see people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doing her own rebuttal – which by the way was far more concise than Chuck and Nancy on Rachel Maddow last night – and she was basically demonizing border agents and I.C.E., the problem is whether liberals like it or not, border security is a big issue for Americans. It’s one of the major reasons why Trump got elected.”

That may also reference a Shapiro tweet.

Host Whoopi Goldberg replied to McCain, saying “I don’t think anyone has any problem with the border security. I don’t think that’s the issue. It is the wall that I think the Democrats are speaking about.”

“But when you’re talking about getting rid of I.C.E. Which is what she was referencing, and by the way many candidates have come on, and said as well, I believe Kirsten Gillibrand, Cynthia Nixon did,” said McCain, it’s now become one of the trends on the far left that is coming towards the middle. There’s no victory lap –”

“I don’t think it’s coming towards the middle,” said co-host Sunny Hostin, citing nothing.

“I’m glad you don’t think that,” said McCain.

“I think most Democrats believe in border security,” Hostin continued. “I think this crisis is perhaps a humanitarian crisis, but it’s a crisis started by this president because this president is the one that separated families.”

“There are still children who are kept in cages at the border. Two children have died. To me that is a humanitarian crisis,” said Behar, upping the temperature at the table. “He started that.”

“Actually that policy was started under Obama,” said McCain, and the table went back and forth increasing the combative tone regarding who started it and who enacted it and when, before McCain offered a summary of her overall point.

“What I’m trying to tell you is if Democrats want to win in 2020, don’t demonize people that want hard border security and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a huge voice in the party, and what she is talking–”

“She’s not a huge — please stop that. She is not a huge voice in the party, she just got here,” objected Goldberg before they had to go to commercial.

Watch the exchange above, or the full first segment on the Trump address below, via ABC.

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