Megyn Kelly’s Powerful, Tear-Filled Fox Interview With Pro-Gun Rights Newtown Parent

Last night, CBS’ 60 Minutes dedicated the majority of its show to Scott Pelley‘s interview with the grieving family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims who have come together to push for stronger gun control laws both in Connecticut and nationally.

Today, Megyn Kelly invited another Newtown parent who lost a child last December on her Fox News show to explain why he opposes stricter gun control measures. While in many ways equally emotionally wrenching, Kelly’s interview with Mark Mattioli sent a very different message to lawmakers.

As evidenced by her reaction to clips from the 60 Minutes program last week during her tough grilling of the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, as well the new footage shown today, Kelly has been clearly moved by the majority of the Newtown parents who want the government to do everything it can to prevent another, similar tragedy. At one point she told Mattioli, “It’s hard when you look at the grieving parents, including yourself, who are asking you to do something, to not do it.”

But it was also clear that she was equally taken with Mattioli, who told her, through tears, that despite the fact that he’s “broken, devastated, drowning in grief” he feels “compelled to participate in this debate, because I’m not hearing a voice that’s really agreeing with me.”

Mattioli went on to say that he believes that “tens of millions of people out there who agree that gun control isn’t necessarily the solution” to preventing another Newtown massacre. Echoing remarks made by LaPierre and other NRA spokespeople, he described the new gun laws as presenting a “false premise,” which would only “work for people who abide by the laws.” He added, “criminals who conduct most of the gun crime don’t care about the law.”

Just as she pushed LaPierre to acknowledge the concrete point made by the Newtown parents who believe that eleven children were saved when the shooter was forced to reload, Kelly pressed Mattioli to explain why he doesn’t believe limiting magazines could help reduce the number of people potential shooters can kill. Mattioli once again dismissed this theory as a “false premise” given the millions of high-capacity magazine that already exist. “Why should I be hampered in protecting myself, when someone could come to my home and outgun me?” he asked.

Also, unlike the Newtown parents interviewed on 60 Minutes, Mattioli admitted that he does put some blame on Nancy Lanza, the mother of the shooter who killed his son. “I do hold her accountable,” he said. “There’s a massive failure in parenting and things could have gone so much better if she had been a responsible parent.”

The interview took an even more devastating turn when Kelly played clips from 60 Minutes of Mattioli’s fellow parents describing what it was like to discover that their children were among those who did not make it out of Sandy Hook Elementary School alive. Holding back sobs, Mattioli told Kelly, “the enormity of this loss is just starting to reveal itself. An Easter egg hunt, a trip to the dentist… I had a plan for how to make this world better. My son was a big part of that plan.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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