Mika Brzezinski Encourages Hope Hicks to Flip on Trump…While Plugging Her Know Your Value Book

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski pulled off a noteworthy two-for-one bit of commentary Wednesday morning in which she encouraged former aide to President Donald Trump aide Hope Hicks to flip on her former boss AND hyped her self-help book Know Your Value all at once!

Hicks has been recently subpoenaed to testify before Congress as a means to ostensibly investigate her role in possible obstructing justice, specifically regarding a memo she helped draft that misled the public about a Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian officials.

Brzezinski opened with a somewhat sympathetic tone towards Hicks, noting that “she’s still in this maelstrom of Trump, Murdoch,  Lachlan whatever, this whole thing,” adding “she may be too squeezed by it, too weak to really step up for herself but it would be incredible, it would be remarkable if this young, strong woman stepped up for America and maybe showed the world that she knows her value.”

In case the plug for her book was lost, she circled back by suggesting that Hicks “tell the truth and get out of being stuck from under Trump, who called herHopester’ all the time, and treated her like a toy that followed him around,” adding “she should know her value and get this behind her, no matter what the cost.”

The phrase “know your value” is a common refrain on Morning Joe, as it is the campaign Brzezinski admirably started to encourage women to fight for equal treatment — and pay! — in the workplace. But the blatant inclusion of a such a specific slogan that has been so profitable for the Morning Joe host during news-based punditry may make some critics feel a little queasy.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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