Mike Allen on Trump Facing Off With Mueller: There’s ‘Perjury Panic’ in the West Wing


Axios’s Mike Allen appeared on Morning Joe on Monday to discuss fear in the White House of the possibility of an interview between President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Allen told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that when Trump said he would be happy to sit down with Mueller — who is leading the probe into his campaign’s ties to Russia — “there was a freak out in the West Wing.”

The Axios founder added that Trump’s remark about meeting with the special counsel caused particular consternation for the president’s lawyers.

“And Axios is reporting that many people around the president believe he is…incapable of telling a story that he can stick to and that they know will be accurate,” Allen continued.

“I’ll say it for you,” Scarborough interjected, “incapable of telling the truth.”

“Sometimes he just lies for the sport of it, and you can look at every interview he does, he just wanders in and out of reality,” the Morning Joe host added.

“Well we know that he creates his own reality,” Allen said. “People have talked about the magic crayon that he uses to create history as he would like it to be.”

That could be a problem for Trump sitting down with Mueller, Allen pointed out: “We know he doesn’t stick to a particular story. He doesn’t like to prep. And going into a federal investigation, those are things that you have to do.”

“So, we’re told that his lawyers have put the brakes on this,” he noted. “We think it will be late February before they figure out what they’re going to recommend to the Special Counsel, but meanwhile in the West Wing you have this perjury panic.”

“People know that this could well end in tears.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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