Morning Joe​’s Second Round With Sen. McCaskill Much Nicer Without Scarborough

When Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill appeared on Morning Joe two weeks ago, the interview quickly devolved into a 15-minute display of aggression concerning whether or not the show was exhibiting a bias against Hillary Clinton. Co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took offense to the senator’s accusations, rendering the segment useless for political discourse (and excellent for television ratings).

Hence why, when Brzezinski made the penultimate announcement that she would be interviewing McCaskill again on Thursday morning, she couldn’t help but laugh nervously at what could become yet another on-air shouting match.

“Senator Claire McCaskill joins us,” she said, adding that she was nervous.

When the actual discussion began, Scarborough was noticeably absent. In his place sat Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker and frequent guest Nicole Wallace. Before any possible theatrics could begin, however, Wallace broke the ice between Brzezinski and McCaskill, who’d already exchanged reservedly cordial greetings with one another.

“I want you guys to get along! The scrutiny over Hillary was the topic last time that we were on together, and it created some friction,” she said. “Is it better now that Biden‘s out? Are Clinton folks feeling their mojo with her debate performance?”

“I have what is sometimes a very bad habit in my job, and that is always saying exactly what I think. Mika and I love and respect each other, and I never would have gone there if I wasn’t confident of our friendship. And even, I have to admit, a friendship with that guy Joe Scarborough,” said McCaskill.

“See? Even Joe,” said Brzezinski. “I think it was a really fascinating conversation.”

“Really? Because it made me sweat,” joked Wallace.

Check out the collected clips above, via MSNBC.

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