Morning Joe Rips GOP Apart for Sucking Up to Trump: Most Autocrats ‘Would be Embarrassed’


Morning Joe had massive disdain for the congressional GOP Thursday as they reviewed yesterday’s White House event in which Republican leaders were tripping over themselves to flatter President Trump over the success of their tax reform bill.

Joe Scarborough started things off by slamming the congressmen who swooned over the president, and he also hit VP Mike Pence’s “gross” stream of compliments during the cabinet briefing.

“Most autocrats across the world would be embarrassed to have so many people fawning over them in public like that,” Scarborough said. ” What man of any character would sit and listen to that without stopping, being embarrassed? And then, of course, the question especially for Mike Pence, is what man with any dignity would do the sort of thing that these people did yesterday?”

After Scarborough concluded that the whole thing was “so autocratic,” Willie Geist and John Heilemann joined the conversation, the latter chalking up the flattery-fest to Trump’s cult of personality. Heilemann was also baffled that so many congressman would want to put their lavish praise for Trump on record considering how much baggage and controversy he gets wrapped up in on a regular basis.

“You can say it’s a great tax bill,” Scarborough said in agreement. “You can say it’s going to get the economy kickstarted, but to say he is one of the greatest presidents ever and then to do what they did, it’s unspeakable.”

As the panel continued to discuss, former press secretary Josh Earnest summarized that yesterday’s display wasn’t really surprising since Republicans already decided that they will overlook any of the “offensive, outrageous, incompetent things” Trump does if it means they could pass a tax bill. This eventually led a moment when the entire panel cringed while they recalled the moment when House Speaker Paul Ryan called Trump’s leadership “exquisite.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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