MSNBC Contributor: Georgia Governor Vote Opportunity For State to Say Goodbye to Civil War Era


As voters continue to make their way to the polls, one MSNBC contributor thinks Election Day will have serious implications for Georgia, determining whether it remains stuck in the past.

During a Tuesday panel discussion, Jonathan Capehart said the candidate who could make a difference is Democrat Stacey Abrams, arguing that supporting GOP challenger Brian Kemp was tantamount to supporting racism, xenophobia and fear mongering.

“This is about the direction of the country and who we are as a people,” Capehart said. “And Georgia tonight has an opportunity to say that the Georgia of Gone With the Wind is gone with the wind.”

Abrams has already faced political attacks, including being targeted by a racist robocall from white supremacist group and being smeared by Kemp, who attempted to link her to armed New Black Panther Party members in a tweet.

But Capehart said she was prepared for a hard fought race.

“It was going to be tough, and the key thing about the Abrams’ campaign before she even announced that she was running, she ran all of the traps and knew what all the obstacles would be, including every particular stunt Brian Kemp would pull to suppress the vote, keep people from coming out to vote, and thereby suppressing people who might vote for her,” he said.

As the clock ticks closer to closing time for polling locations around the country, Capehart said the decision comes down to how voters feel about the Trump administration.

“This election ultimately going to be about whether the American people like the message that is coming from the White House,” he said.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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