MSNBC Contributor: ‘The Administration in Veep Was Far More Competent’ Than President Trump’s


Julia Louis-Dreyfus has described Veep as a show that used to be a satire but now feels more like a “somber documentary.” Apparently, she’s not the only one who feels that way.

This morning on MSNBC, Chris Jansing discussed President Donald Trump‘s recent firing of FBI Director James Comey with columnist Mike Lupica and Republican strategist Evan Siegfried. Lupica said that “the message that was sent by firing Comey this way is that everybody there is vulnerable. There’s no question that he was trying to, if not hamper the investigation to at least put a slowdown on it.”

Siegfried said, “Normally I’m the one to accuse Democrats of overstating just about anything. This one, they’re proving that they’re not always wrong.” He added “Not only was it inappropriate, it was rude.”

When talking about who might be the permanent replacement for Comey, Lupica said, “You have a right to ask yourself: Who takes this job now? Who takes this job under these circumstances? Because they just saw James Comey get fired like he was the White House usher.” He added, “The most amazing part of this amazing story… They were actually shocked at the blowback. The false narrative here is that if you criticized James Comey for not knowing when to shut up last Summer, that you would be on board with the way he got fired this week.”

Siegfried replied, “Well, your statement just now was accusing the White House of having a measure of competence, and they’ve never been able to demonstrate that. I think the administration in Veep was far more competent than these guys.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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