MSNBC Guest: Trump Is ‘More Racist Than Neo-Nazis’


MSNBC guest Vegas Tenold ripped apart President Donald Trump and his supporters on MSNBC Live with Katy Tur Monday. “We’re at a point where Trump is more racist than neo-Nazis,” said Tenold.

“I’ve had white supremacists, I’ve had neo-Nazis, Matthew Heimbach is one of the people who were behind the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, he told me that the president goes too far for him sometimes. That Donald Trump is more racist than him,” Tenold explained.

Tenold — an investigative reporter and author who has embedded with white nationalists — said that Trump’s rhetoric and his policies are the things he hears at Nazi barbecues and at Klan rallies.

“If you’re supporting Trump you are a racist at this point. I’m not afraid to say it and no one should be,” Tenold continued.

MSNBC co-panelist Basil Smikle agreed that Trump’s rhetoric is similar to that of the Ku Klux Klan. “What he said reminds me of what I might hear out of a Klan rally,” said Smikle. “The same president that started the birther movement, the same racism. If you were silent then, you created the situation that you’re either having a problem dealing with now or refuse to talk about right now. ”

“If you’re a Democrat that held your nose to vote for Hillary Clinton or against the party or said we should take the president figuratively and literally, you can’t be my ally,” Smikle added.

Trump’s racism is the mirrored in institutions across the country, in offices spaces, in overt racism and micro-agressions, according to Smikle. He said it needs to be called out every single time, “not just when it’s in your face like this.”




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