comScore MSNBC Panel Goes Off on POTUS Twitter ‘Meltdown’: ‘We’ve Become So Dulled to Trump’s Madness’

MSNBC Panel Goes Off on POTUS Twitter ‘Meltdown’: ‘We’ve Become So Dulled to Trump’s Madness’

MSNBC’s John Heilemann opened today’s Deadline: White House by discussing President Donald Trump‘s Twitter “meltdown” over the weekend, with POTUS weighing in on topics from SNL to programming decisions at Fox News.

Mike Murphy told Heilemann his reaction to the tweets was “crazy times demand a crazy president”:

“There are these spasms he has where he starts tweeting all this crazy stuff. I’m not sure what the cause is, but we have become so dulled to Trump’s madness, I don’t know what it will take––does he have to go run around with an aluminum foil hat? He’s clearly under psychological duress here, and I think it’s a crisis-level event.”

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire offered some context to this latest tweetstorm before bringing up the Fox News tweets from POTUS, specifically the idea that between Jeanine Pirro reportedly being suspended and seeing anchors who aren’t necessarily in his corner, the network wasn’t a “safe harbor” for Trump like it normally is when he tunes in.

At one point, professor Eddie Glaude compared Trump to Nero fiddling while Rome burned:

“I respect Mike Murphy a lot, but it’s easy for us to think there’s a mental health issue here. It seems to me to think of Donald Trump as Nero with his fiddle is an easy way to account for this. But his strategy, what he has been doing since day one, is dropping smoke bomb after smoke bomb after smoke bomb aimed at distracting us, aimed at in some ways delegitimizing what’s coming down the pike. All of the things you listed plus what’s going on in the southern district I think is on his mind and he’s in a full-blown panic.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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