MSNBC’s Barnicle Asks Wolff: ‘Was Steve Bannon at Any Point Drunk During Your Conversations?’


MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle asked Michael Wolff a pointed question on Morning Joe Monday during an interview about the author’s explosive book on Trump World, which includes a number of stunning quotes from former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

“Was Steve Bannon at any point drunk during your conversations with him?” the political commentator asked.

“Not to my knowledge, and in at least one instance when offered a drink, he pushed it away,” Wolff said.

“So the next question is,” co-host Joe Scarborough continued, “is why did he say everything that he said?”

Bannon’s perch atop the MAGA movement was decimated last week with the promotion and release of Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury. It contained a number of staggeringly candid quotes from the former White House chief strategist — he called the infamous Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer “treasonous,” went off on Jared Kushner’s “greasy” dealings, and criticized the president as well as his family.

Wolff explained Bannon’s renegade comments as demonstrative of his reckoning that the Trump White House was not what he expected it to be:

“Steve Bannon, whether you agree with him or not, went into this White House with a very particular agenda. And I think that he found that it was extremely hard to implement this agenda, and that this agenda was it probably not going to be implemented — as trump veered more toward Mitch McConnell, that was absolutely away from Steve Bannon,” Wolff explained.

“Then I think Steve Bannon was in this, and was kind of horrified by the fact that this White House was being run by Donald Trump’s family,” he added. “People who were not experienced, who were functionally Democrats.”

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