MSNBC’s Joy Reid Praises Biden Inaugural Prime Time Special: ‘Democrats Have the Culture… and the Right Hates That’


After MSNBC aired the big “Celebrating America” prime time special for Joe Biden’s inauguration, Joy Reid praised the event and said it shows how “Democrats have the culture” and the right “hates that.”

Reid said the event provided not just resistance, but joy and hope, after Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in.

“They went to work. They did a workday. They gave us a press conference where there were no lies!” Reid continued. “We got the opportunity to rediscover what it looks like to have a normal administration, like aggressive normalcy. Is that what we were calling it today? We got that.”

As for the prime time event, Reid said it was a reminder that “the thing the right hates the most about Democrats is that Democrats have the culture”:

“Democrats have the culture. They have the Hollywood culture. They have the glamorous culture, and the right hates that. They feel that the culture is too woke, it’s too multicultural. It’s not John Wayne anymore. There’s all of this multiculturalism and wokeness and liberalism and they hate it. But they also envy it. They also wish they had it. And they hate the fact that after Ronald Reagan, they no longer had a claim to the culture. They want the culture more than they want the politics.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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