Mueller Plans to Move Forward on Trump Aide George Papadopoulos’ Sentencing

Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s office has asked the courts to begin the sentencing process for former Donald Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, according to a CNN report Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking on CNN Wednesday afternoon, CNN Reporter Shimon Prokupecz called the filing “a key move here by the special counsel.”

“It signals now, perhaps, they are perhaps done with George Papadopoulos and his cooperation,” Prokupecz explained shortly after the news broke.  “He’s been providing them information for months now, cooperating with them. Just within the last hour, the special counsel’s office filed a status report, saying that they are ready for him to be sentenced, that they are ready.”

He added: “This indicates, perhaps, as I said, his cooperation is for the most part complete and whatever information he has been providing to the special counsel has likely come to an end.”

Watch more above via CNN.

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