Napolitano Corrects Wall Street Journal on Fox Business: FBI Agents Did Not Entrap Mike Flynn


Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano dismissed claims that FBI agents “entrapped” former national security adviser Michael Flynn when they interviewed him at the start of the Trump administration.

On Fox Business Network, a panel addressed former FBI director James Comey‘s claim that agents were able to interview Flynn because of how disorganized the Trump White House was.

“Which is why the [Wall Street] Journal called it ‘entrapment,’ I know there’s a debate about that,” Bartiromo said, referring to an editorial in the Journal that inaccurately described the tactics used by the FBI to interview Flynn as “entrapment.”

Napolitano pointed that out to Bartiromo: “It’s actually — I saw your interview with General [Michael] Mukasey, in my opinion he’s absolutely correct: though they trapped [Flynn], it’s not entrapment. Entrapment is when you resist and resist and resist and they push and push and push.”

“But they did trap him, I agree with that,” Bartiromo replied.

Flynn plead guilty to lying to federal agents about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Prosecutors have pushed back on Flynn’s claim he was tricked into lying last week, by outlining his pattern of lies not only to agents, but also the media and members of the Trump administration.

Fox Business then aired clips of Republican Rep. Darrell Issa claiming Flynn was entrapped, alongside the aforementioned clip of Mukasey explaining the legal meaning of entrapment.

“I wish that Darrell Issa were correct, and that General Mukasey were wrong,” Napolitano said. “But it’s the other way around.”

Fox Business host Dagen McDowell added this episode demonstrates people should never speak with the FBI: “If the FBI shows up to talk to you, you say ‘Get out, bye, not talking to you, ever.'”

Bartiromo concluded the segment by claiming “insiders” are saying Flynn “just wanted this over with because they were threatening his son. They said they were going to threaten his son, throw the book at his son… And he’s out of money, he sold his house because he needed money to pay his legal bills. So that’s one of the reasons he said, ‘Yeah, I lied.'”

“They did ruin him, but was there a legal basis for bringing a complaint about the son, I don’t know,” Napolitano said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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