Napolitano Floats It: Manafort is Facing ‘So Much Jail Time’ He Might Be ‘Candidate For a Pardon’


Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano says that despite Paul Manafort‘s new depth of legal troubles, it’s always possible that he could get a pardon from President Donald Trump.

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the president’s former campaign CEO “intentionally” lied to Robert Mueller and the FBI over the course of their investigations into Russia. The ruling means that the special counsel is no longer bound by their plea deal with Manafort, meaning they could pursue a much harsher sentence for him if he is no longer to be considered a cooperating witness.

As Napolitano broke this down on Thursday for Fox & Friends, he explained that Manafort was found guilty of at least 3 of the five alleged lies he supposedly gave investigators.

“This tells me A: he is exposed to more than 20 years in jail. That’s so much jail time he might very well be a candidate for a pardon. The public might accept the pardon. It also tells me, B: Mueller is still on the hunt.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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