Napolitano Sides With Comey After His Tirade Against Republicans: ‘I Can Understand His Frustration’


When Fox News host Melissa Francis tried to mock former FBI Director James Comey‘s scathing comments from Monday afternoon, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano came to Comey’s defense.

On Tuesday afternoon’s edition of Outnumbered, Francis tried to mock Comey’s explanation for why he waited to tip off the Justice Department ahead of Michael Flynn’s January, 2017 FBI interview.

“I knew that if anything came of the interview, if it advanced our investigation, the attack from the Trump Administration would be that an Obama holdover had engineered it,” Comey said Monday. “And so I had to make the decision, separate from her, to leave them with their only opportunity to challenge it would be to burn down the entire FBI. To my shock and horror, they’ve tried to do just that — in the face of silence from people in this building.”

“It seems like James Comey loves to go and stand in front of a camera, and talk about why he had to usurp someone else’s authority — In this case, not telling Sally Yates was going on — in order to save the republic,” Francis said.

But Napolitano leapt to Comey’s defense, telling Francis “I thought Comey was pretty cogent in what he said. I can understand his frustration.”

“All the questions are coming from Republicans, and they seem to be politically motivated,” Napolitano continued, then went after Donald Trump and the Republicans.

“The attacks on the FBI, the efforts to undermine it by the chief law enforcement of the United States, the president, has been met with silence from the supposedly law and order Republicans,” he said. “That is the take away that I got from what Comey just said.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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