‘NBC is All in For Trump’: The View Buries Peacock Network for Scheduling President’s Town Hall Opposite Biden’s


The hosts of ABC’s The View are blasting rival network NBC for scheduling a town hall featuring President Donald Trump directly opposite a forum with former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a scorching opening segment Thursday, the panel unanimously condemned NBC for scheduling the Trump event in spite of the president’s refusal to participate in a virtual debate originally scheduled for Thursday night.

“I’m disappointed that this is happening,” said Ana Navarro. “I’m disappointed we are not having a presidential debate because Donald Trump refused to engage in a virtual debate. I’m disappointed that another network has given him the ability to take his toys and go home, and then have the ability to do this. It feels likes a spoiled child is being given his way.”

“I think NBC is all in for Trump as they were with The Apprentice,” Joy Behar added — referencing the long-running Trump-hosted show which aired on that network.

Sara Haines said that NBC was even more at fault if they specifically proposed the time slot directly opposite Biden.

“It is bad if NBC approached him with this time slot,” Haines said. “Because I do think that’s, as Ana said, ingratiating a petulant toddler.”

And Sunny Hostin blasted the network for allowing Trump to dictate terms.

“I’m disappointed that NBC allowed him to manipulate the process,” she said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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