NBC National Security Analyst On Marathon Security Efforts: ‘Impossible For Us To Stop All Of The Carnage’

Morning Joe aired live from Boston today, following yesterday’s bombing at the city’s marathon. The hosts recapped the facts surrounding the situation, stressing the need to avoid speculation not based on solid information. They also discussed the marathon’s security efforts and security going forward. NBC News national security analyst Michael Leiter noted the unique difficulty of securing a marathon, noting that it’s simply impossible to “stop all of the carnage.”

Large public gatherings are always potential targets, particularly, as Mika Brzezinski noted, events like a marathon, which isn’t contained to a stadium. Security beforehand is key, Leiter underlined — but Boston did ramp up efforts, and it wasn’t enough.

“As we saw,” Leiter asserted, “if somebody’s really committed to killing people, killing innocent people in a totally senseless way, it is going to be impossible for us to stop all of the carnage.”

Specifically citing first responders, he praised the “spectacular” response that reduced the casualties.

“You can’t harden this entire route of 26 miles, you can’t harden an entire city,” he later added. “Something like a marathon route, it’s impossible to do that other than in some very, very highly secure areas, potentially the start, the finish, official areas. But along that route, no matter how many soldiers in blue, the Boston Police Department, Massachusetts state police you line up, it’s virtually impossible to keep everybody safe.”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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