NBC’s Welker Grills Sanders on Aide’s McCain Comment: Does Trump ‘Bear Responsibility’ for Setting WH Tone?


NBC’s Kristen Welker grilled Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday as she repeatedly dodged when asked if Kelly Sadler should apologize for her attack on John McCain.

The White House press secretary faced an avalanche of questions about Sadler’s disparaging remarks, though she mostly responded by spinning away, refusing to comment or complaining about leaks to the media. After Welker confirmed that Sadler still works at the White House, she asked Sanders if President Trump should own up to his part in the deterioration of political dialogue thanks his personal shots on McCain over the years.

“Does the president set the tone,” Welker asked. “Does he bare responsibility for the tone set here at the White House and all of the staffers who work here?”

Sanders still wouldn’t answer those questions directly, saying Trump “supports all Americans” and is helping them around the country.

Watch above, via CNN.

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